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In the age of big box stores, mass production, and assembly lines, it is still the traditional methods of creating by hand that shine the brightest. 

Handcrafted explores Nova Scotia's creative spirit and invites the viewers of Eastlink Community TV on a journey to meet the artisans of Nova Scotia.


Handcrafted looks at the modern artistic world to meet Nova Scotia's artisans, learn about the processes and techniques today's artisans use in their craft, and to see the wonderful and unique items that are being hand crafted by today's modern artisans.

Handcrafted takes a journey throughout Nova Scotia to visit the workshops and studios of the artisans where we meet and chat with the Artisans, learn about their craft, see the items they create, and watch them demonstrate their skills and artistry.


Handcrafted features blacksmiths, ceramics artisans, jewelers, leather makers, textile artisans, toymakers, glass artists, and many more talented and wonderful individuals.

We invite you to join us on this unique, informative, and entertaining tour of Nova Scotia.


Mondays @ 10:00 PM on Eastlink Community TV (Channel 10/610)

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